Monday, 25 September 2017

why i should be principal for a day

             Why i should be principal for a day

Do you think school is boring sometimes and there is not enough subjects? I will tell you how I can make school more fun for all students. And why I should be a principal for a day.

First of all I will include every subject that helps you learn like science, more reading, history, art / drawing, maths, and languages. I believe we should have this because you can learn other stuff that helps you in life and you can learn new things.

Secondly I will let people play some fun activities at lunch time here are some examples.Sports, book club, art club, and horse riding,  all with adults watching. I think we should have this because instead of walking around the school with nothing to do you could be doing cool things that you like.

Lastly I will do events that raise money to go to charity here are some  examples. School carnival, baking day, and a student toy sale. My reasons for having these events is because it will be fun for students and because you can be a part of something at your school.

So if you want school to have horse riding, history, and school carnivals then I would be the best principal for you. Therefore these are all of my reasons why I should be principal for a day.     

                                                        By Mahana

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Moment in time

In this picture you can see a man playing golf. He is really concentrating on the golf ball. He is trying to aim for the yellow flag that is next to an green and bushy tree. Next to the green bushy tree there is a small green bushy tree. In this picture there is a turtle the turtle is smiling and he has heaps of wrinkles around his body. On top of the turtle there is some grass that is where the man is playing golf on. There are two lots of stairs. The longest lot of stairs is on the head  and the other lot is on the back. At the top of the stairs there are wooden gates.  There is two water falls coming out of the turtle  in the air there a four white seagulls that are flying over the two green bushy trees. Under the turtle there is one big flood of water. In the background there is one big island it starts of low and goes up then goes back down again on the ground there are huge cracks that go all around the big flood of water and the turtle. Then there is some sand  that goes all the way to the island. Up in the sky there is heaps of fluffy clouds they are all different but all of them are white. The sky's light  black.

The brain

                  The brain
Q-Why does your brain not heal when you're injured

Your brain cannot be healed but here is two of the things that make your brain get a little bit better. The most effective ways to heal your brain is to heal is to heal your gut the reason why it helps is because it has a connection with your brain. The other way is nutrition to help your brain strengthen. The reason why your brain does not heal is because when you hurt yourself and you get a scratch your cells die but give birth to new cells all the time even when you're not hurt Unlike the brain. Yet the nerve cells also called neurons can not be renewed not even once.
 File:Brain Cancer Regions.png - Wikimedia Commons

Facts about the brain  
 Neurons are your nerve cells
    The human brain is over three times bigger the other mammals that are a similar size as us.
The brain of an adult human weighs 3 pounds.

Information-  when you you fall asleep you go through different stages. You  will feel a floating feeling , your breathing slows downs , your heartbeat slows down , muscles relax , and any slight noise will wake you up. There are even more stages. Everything we know stores up in our brain that is called memory . There are two types of memory they are called long-term memory and short-term memory. Long-term Memory stores everything we know but short term memory can only store nine things at one time.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ko Wai Au

IMG_1086 (1).JPG
My paddle is like my life it tells you about my family and my culture it also tells you about me.  This piece of artwork is important to me because it tells you about me and the people I love. On my paddle I have flags there are a Samoa flag a German flag an American flag and an Australia flag. It also has some bubbles that have words in it that I love doing for example sports.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

All About Me

                    All About Me

Talofa lava my name is Mahana I am 9 . I am very sporty.  The sports I like are netball, hockey, rugby, basketball, and soccer. I also like running and swimming and riding on my bike. I love animals but my favorite animals are cats. When I grow up I want to be an Olympic athlete or be a pilot.  I love learning new stuff and doing different stuff.  My favorite takeaways are McDonalds and Dominos pizza. I love taking walks on the beach and swimming at the beach. I am half Samoan. I go to Samoa every year. I love Samoa so much because I get to see my family and because there is so much nature there. And that's all about me.          

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

All you need to know about earthquakes

This is my slide show that I did at school .  I hope you enjoy my slide show😁😁

Thursday, 3 November 2016


Really noisy.
 Really cool                                         
So cool                                
                   By Mahana